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Kevin Durant goes crazy after finding out about Messi's contract at Barcelona

Kevin Durant goes crazy after finding out about Messi’s contract at Barcelona

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Lionel Messi The team has no official contract Argentine with the Barcelona It is over and his future is unknown, which piqued the interest of everyone in the world football And now even NBAWhere some stars were surprised to find out what the star represents economically for cules.

This is the case Kevin Durant, the number Brooklyn Networks, which was manifested in Social media Surprised to see the billionaire’s contract with him No. 10 Catalan club.

This is more than 600 million dollars from Messi with the Barcelona , is much higher than 164 million who signed with Networks And the same 4 years like Leo.

for this part, Isaiha ThomasCurrently without equipment, he was also interacting with the same post and joking with his children’s situation in a world football Before that Basketball.

He wrote in: “Oh my God, I have to play football for my kids, hahaha” Twitter player.

What about Messi?

Liu terminated his contract with him on July 1 Barcelona For the first time in his career he became a free agent. Although talks for a possible renewal with Bloggranas In operation, there are some complications that can lead to Messi to another club.

this Thursday, Joan Laporta, Team Leader, admitted that Financial fair play from the league prevent an agreement with Argentine.

“Everything is on track, we have the issue of fair play and we are on our way to finding the best solution for both parties. I would like to announce that you will stay but at the moment I cannot say because we are in the process of looking for the best solution for both parties” Zero wave.

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in the meantime,

Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City

They are familiar with the situation to enter the scene again and with their millions to be able to get the signature of what is for many

The best in history.

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