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Most watched 2022 |  Live foul on TV at the Super Bowl with the superstar singing the American anthem

Most watched 2022 | Live foul on TV at the Super Bowl with the superstar singing the American anthem

Country music singer Mickey Guyton performs the United States National Anthem before Super Bowl 56 in between Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, on Sunday, February 13, 2022, in Inglewood, California. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

This article was originally published at Yahoo in Spanish February 2022 When the story spread on social media. We show it again to our users because it was among theOr more They commented on our site throughout the year.

NBC is responsible for carrying the broadcast Super Bowl LVI From SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles California, It wasn’t very clear at a very special point in the day It’s where the NFL title game is broadcast, and it’s the national anthem ceremony.

Despite the training and months of preparation before all the details of the gamefrom the halftime show and of course to the opening ceremony, always on live TV Often things happen that go off script And this day was the case.

The person responsible for interpreting the US anthem was a country music singer Mickey JettonThere is no doubt about the quality of his voice or his talent. And it is not suspected that he did it wrong, quite the contrary, He did an amazing job on one of the most visual plays a singer or performer could have in the world.

The big problem arose when NBC didn’t know who Jhene Aiko was.The singer assigned to translate the song America the Beautifulwhich is also part of the Super Bowl protocols, and They made the mistake of putting the supermarket (the sign) in Echo’s name, but with Guyton’s picture.

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Jhene Aiko is a contemporary R&B (Rhythm and Blues) singer, Born in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, A very special guest to belong to Super Bowl LVIAlthough it apparently wasn’t clear to NBC who the 33-year-old was, Her rendition of “America The Beautiful” struck a chord on court with the boldness of her vocal notes.

In last year’s edition of the Super Bowl, The NFL has selected country music singer Eric Church and R&B singer Jasmine Sullivan to perform the United States AnthemAlthough this idea seemed good at first, things eventually went wrong, as there was no clear coordination. between the artists and “run over” with their voices, which caused some controversy.

Fortunately there were no NFL fouls or mixups. And through his social networks, especially his Twitter account, Share Mickey Guyton’s great performance while playing the American anthem.

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