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photos | Cynthia Rodriguez was crowned the sexiest princess in a golden low-cut dress

Cynthia Rodriguez She is a leader and singer who has established herself on social networks thanks to Clothes that he shares constantly on his Instagram accountwhich in addition to being versatile and going from casual to elegant, joins many fashion trends, and this time it is the bright trend that they choose for one of their year-end outfits.

in the photos he shared Carlos Rivera’s wife We can see th Jamil is a former participant in the “Academy”. Wearing exquisite Gold low cut dress That dances between the hues of champagne and silver, as it sparkles in these shades.

However, the dominant color is golden, and it is the color that many people choose in their looks for the New Year, as it is believed that this will attract prosperity for the coming year, while green shows love and health. Although this year there are other colors that can bring you luck for 2023, which you can refer to by giving click here.

Cynthia Rodriguez wore a charming mini dress | IG: cynoofficial

the Cynthia Rodriguez dress It is fastened at the waist and ampoule at the bottom, although in fact it is not very long, reaching several centimeters above the knee and having some ruffles, which give volume to the model, turning it into a real dress. Princess dress.

And since Jamal Cynthia Rodriguez It’s a big deal, that her fans didn’t hesitate to start making comparisons between her and a princess, because with this outfit she looks like a real member of the royal family, who also knew how to use the right accessories to complete her look.

Thus, using silver earrings, Cynthia Rodriguez complement your lookWhich, thanks to its shine, didn’t need any more jewelry Sexy short dress She was already eye-catching enough, making her the center of attention at any event she attended.

Do you like Cynthia Rodriguez’s look? | IG: cynoofficial

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