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Más de 50 Instituciones educativas presentaron proyectos en Reto de Ciencias en Nueva Esparta

More than 50 educational institutions have submitted projects in the Nueva Sparta Science Challenge

At the “José Augusto D’Léon” Bolivarian High School, in the municipality of Maneiro, Nueva Isparta State, students from 56 educational institutions presented creative projects in the sixth Natural Sciences Challenge.

In this regard, the President of the Insular School District, Rafael Domínguez, explained that the Student Remains is an initiative of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, in which children and youth are encouraged to apply the topics worked on in a classroom.

“The work is carried out under the guidance of educators, in order to generate transformative experiences from the fields of physics, chemistry, natural sciences, biology, earth sciences, science and technology,” explained the ZENE President.

“The Natural Science Challenge is an opportunity to enhance student creativity, as well as encourage curiosity-based research,” Dominguez emphasized.

The projects presented correspond to different lines of research, and students, with the guidance of teachers, are set to arrive at a simple solution to problems, based on the use of science.

On this occasion, the proposed lines of research were directed towards the climate crisis and its variations, life-producing sciences, robotics, mechatronics, and nanotechnology, as a scientific force; Venezuelan popular sciences, gas, oil, alternative energies at the service of the people, music sciences and life sciences.

Students of all levels and modalities participated, coming from national, regional, municipal and private administration campuses.

Source: City MGTA


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