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More than 30 teams will compete in the inaugural Copa Universidad

More than 30 teams will compete in the inaugural Copa Universidad

With the launch of Prof. Dr. Zuli Vera de Molinas, President of the National University of Asuncion (UNA), the University Cup “Tribute to Prof. Eng. Néstor Molinas” in order to promote institutional integration was held, last Saturday, 11 June.

The kickoff of the sporting event organized by the College of Agricultural Sciences (FCA-UNA) was attended by more than thirty teams in the categories: free, with eight teams; Executive, with 9 teams; Senior, 14 and has women’s volleyball with several teams formed. The teams are made up of officials and teachers who represent their units.

In addition to the Rector, also present at the start were: Prof. Dr. Miguel Torres Numbai, Vice-Chancellor of the United Nations University; chemical engineer Christian Cantreau, Secretary-General of the United Nations Federation; Professor Eng. Jorge Daniel Gonzalez, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (FCA-UNA); Professor Eng. Juan José Bonin, Vice Dean and other university authorities.

It should be noted that after the opening speeches, the Dean of FCA-UNA and Professor Eng. Wilber Ortiz, Chairman of the Sports Committee, Ing. Agr. Angel Benitez sworn in on the sport on behalf of the athletes.

The participating academic units are: Faculty of Law and Social Sciences (FDCS-UNA), Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM-UNA), Faculty of Engineering (FIUNA), Faculty of Economics (FCE-UNA), Faculty of Dentistry (FOUNA). ), Faculty of Philosophy (FF-UNA), Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (FCV-UNA), Faculty of Polytechnics (FP-UNA) and Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (FACEN-UNA).

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