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Molotov: rockers compete with wretched on stage (video)

Molotov: rockers compete with wretched on stage (video)

Chilean band members Les Miserables And the Mexican group Molotov They clashed during a concert in Coquimbo, Chile last Monday.

According to the version of some users, The argument blew the singers out and pushed them to hits. The moment was captured by the band’s followers, who uploaded the video to the networks.

The conflict will start during the performance Les MiserablesBecause the Mexicans were going to take the stage and boycott the show.

In the material not exceeding a few minutes, a man is observed to knock down the tools that make up the battery when suddenly another person arrives and throws him to the ground. After that, a group of people, including security, approach the place. In the midst of the uproar the audience began chanting the name of the Chileans.

The conflict was not only on the show, because Claudia Garcia singer Les MiserablesAnd the He denounced on Instagram that the responsibility rested with the Mexicans He took the opportunity to thank his followers. “Thank you Pinuelas for all the love. A separate point is the Molotov cocktail. Unpleasant, arrogant and criminals have been hooking up with us all the time since yesterday (Monday) in Concepción,” he wrote.

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The artist added:You cannot call yourself a professional if you are three hours late in your voice test and even more drunk. Not less if you are already about 60 years old, right? We played with great teams. ska-PAnd the La Paula ChroniclesAnd the CadillacAnd the 77 . attack…and much, much more, and no one has ever gone to their thugs to turn off our equipment and take us off the stage.”

The singer also explained that the Mexicans told them, “We Molotovwe are the front-runners,” a stance that didn’t appear to him and ended with: “Please, shit band… your musicians and your band are thugs.” Until this Wednesday Molotov did not make any public statement in this regard.



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