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Miley Cyrus' plane, which was bound for Paraguay, was struck by lightning

Miley Cyrus’ plane, which was bound for Paraguay, was struck by lightning

Lightning struck the plane in which Miley Cyrus was traveling to Asuncion, and she had to make an emergency landing at Ciudad del Este airport, before leaving Paraguay for Brazil.

“Our plane was caught in a big unexpected storm and hit by lightning,” the singer wrote to her millions of followers on her Twitter account on Wednesday.

An interpreter for songs such as “Angels Like You” confirmed that the crew, her band, friends and family who were traveling with her “safely after an emergency landing”.

“Unfortunately we were unable to travel to Paraguay,” he added in a series of tweets, in which he included a video of the storm from the plane’s window and a photo of the crash.

Cyrus is one of the invited stars of the Asuncion 2022 festival, which had to cancel its first day on Tuesday night due to a strong storm that hit the Paraguayan capital.

A source from Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, which serves Asuncion, confirmed to Efe that the artist’s plane bound for this city used Guaraní Airport in Ciudad del Este as an alternative due to “bad weather”.

The spokesperson, who did not elaborate, added that the ship, after being resupplied, was heading to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Rodrigo Nugues, director of G5Pro, organizer of the Asunciónico 2022, told ABC that Cyrus is in Sao Paulo, after he “had a problem with the plane.”

He did not immediately confirm whether the second day of the show had been suspended.

For this Thursday, the Asunciónico program includes the concerts of Cyrus, as well as Argentine Nikki Nicole, Puerto Rican Guy Cortez and Uruguayan band La Vela Puerca.


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