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Mexico asks Tesla for clarifications and insists on starting construction of its new factory as soon as possible

Mexico asks Tesla for clarifications and insists on starting construction of its new factory as soon as possible

02/20/2024 at 12:55

Updated on 20/02/2024 at 12:55

There are many questions surrounding Mexico Giga Factory. Why has construction not started yet even though we have obtained all the necessary permits?

Let's remember that this plant has been advertised before Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, last March 2023. He stressed in his statement that its construction would begin “as soon as possible.” So much so that the ground leveling machines started working almost immediately. But after a few days, work on the site stopped.

This discontinuation was related to the fact that the brand still needed new permits, although later Ivan RivasThe Minister of Economy of Nuevo León stated that Tesla already has all the necessary papers to start construction. At the same time, it was also obtained $135 million In incentives to raise it.

Tesla is inexplicably delaying construction of the Giga Mexico.

What's going on with Giga Mexico?

Now, after more months of waiting, the Mexican government itself is concerned about the situation and is demanding clarifications from Tesla so that it can begin construction as soon as possible. Samuel GarciaThe Governor of Nuevo Leon State recently had a conversation with the media Millennium about this subject.

“I spoke today with… I will say with the Mexican administration. The electricity issue is ready, there is water, there is the environment… And now they have asked to extend the environmental permit because it seems that The factory will be bigger than they thought“It is to explain.

It appears that the aforementioned amount of money ($135 million) went directly to adapting the environment, thus providing electricity, water and roads for Tesla. This will already be fully available and the only thing left is for the brand to give the green light to start the business.

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Tesla hopes that Mexico will be one of the points where it produces the Model 2.

Garcia added in his speech: “I told them that roads and entrances are already being built. I asked Tesla to come no later than March to start the works and they did not refuse. So I hope they will arrive very soon, in less than a month. And now they are doing the project.”

Everything indicates that Tesla has lowered its priority in building Giga Mexico. One reason is that production of the new Tesla Model 2, the next generation of the affordable electric car, will begin in Texas at the end of 2025. Therefore, they still have a wide margin until the Nuevo Leon plant is fully operational. specific . .

As Model 2 production begins in Texas, various rumors suggest that Tesla may not need a new production plant until manufacturing of said model is ramped up elsewhere. If these speculations come true, it will likely happen Construction will not begin until next year 2025.