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Its creators recommend washing it with Windex

Its creators recommend washing it with Windex

In the middle of this month, the complaint was announced by several site owners Tesla CybertruckAnd that their trucks were rusty and their bodies were old Rapid loss of shine.

In view of this, Wes Morrell, Principal engineer of CybertruckHe wrote on it using simple kitchen products, e.g Friend Barkeeper or Windexcan help eliminate them.

Wes Morrell also noted that another producer, Citrisurf 77works well for the same problem which is the sponge Scotch Brite, which does not scratch, can also help with the solution. While all of this may work, there is still a problem. If these stains appear after only a day or two of exposure to the elements, homeowners should perform this type of cleaning at least once a week as part of Cybertruck body surface maintenance.

We cannot ignore the fact that using these types of stainless steel stove cleaning products actually removes a microscopic portion of the stainless steel surface each time they are used, something that can damage it over time. Only time will tell.

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