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Bill Gates has made a major prediction about artificial intelligence: how it will change our lives

Bill Gates has made a major prediction about artificial intelligence: how it will change our lives

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Bill Gatesco-founder of Microsoft, is heavily involved in tracking the progress of… artificial intelligence (Amnesty International) strongly confirms that this technology Transform the world In a meaningful way. In his forecast, Gates highlights this in The next five yearsArtificial intelligence will have a transformative impact not only on business issues, but also on interpersonal relationships and everyday life.

Accelerated growth of artificial intelligence It raised concerns about what was possible Eliminating millions of jobs all over the world. According to the International Monetary Fund, approximately 40% of jobs worldwide could be affected by the advancement of artificial intelligence. Given this, Gates asserts that history shows that with every new technology comes fear and, by extension, fear. New opportunities.

In a recent interview with CNN, Gates predicted so Artificial Intelligence simplifies everyone's lifeWith a particular focus on helping doctors manage their paperwork, a task he considers the part of the job they don't like. It highlights this Efficiency will increase Significantly, it indicates that access to artificial intelligence will not require additional devices, as it can be done through existing devices, such as phones or computers connected to the Internet.

Bill Gates: “Amazing” artificial intelligence.

In addition to, Bill Gates He praised the improvements achieved with GPT-4 to OpenAIdescribing them as “amazing“Because of their ability to ‘essentially read and write.’” According to Gates, this translates into having a virtual “white-collar worker” who can act as a tutor, provide health advice, assist with programming, and assist with support calls. He envisions integrating this technology into sectors Like education and medicine as a thing.”amazing“.

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Although Gates introduced A Optimistic outlookBut an IMF report this week takes a less optimistic view, warning that artificial intelligence could lead to widening inequality if appropriate policy interventions are not implemented. The discussion on the role of AI in society remains a critical topic with different perspectives and challenges to address.

ChatGPT: Bill Gates called OpenAI's artificial intelligence “amazing.”

Artificial Intelligence: Bill Gates' predictions for the next five years

Over the next five years, Bill Gates expects The disappearance of traditional operating systemsExpecting that they will be replaced by personal assistants based on artificial intelligence. These assistants, according to Gates, will expand beyond computers and smartphones, carrying out everyday tasks through verbal instructions, emphasizing the importance of customization to adapt to users' preferences and routines.

In his vision of the future, Gates highlights the revolution in… Personal audio devicesHe expected that smart headphones and speakers would become the main link between humans and artificial intelligence. These devices will allow direct communication with digital assistants, making it easier to receive information and updates without having to open applications on the phone.

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Gates also expects artificial intelligence to play a role A crucial role in social lifeOrganizing events, issuing invitations, and facilitating meeting planning through the intervention of digital assistants. Although this may save time, Gates raises the question of whether society will accept this type of mediation in human interactions.