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“Small World” resumes sending money transfers to Cuba: Has the banking incident been resolved?

“Small World” resumes sending money transfers to Cuba: Has the banking incident been resolved?

A week ago, Small World, a money transfer agency known for its low commissions, announced the temporary suspension of its services to Cuba due to a banking incident.

The company confirmed this You will restore service Once the problem is resolved and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

This Monday, the agency Notified Regarding the restart of transport service to Cuba. Small World said in a statement: “Good news for all our customers sending money to Cuba! Services are back online. Feel free to contact our customer service team if you need help sending money to your loved ones.

Likewise, the platform informed its customers via email with a message saying: “We have restored transportation service to Cuba. Most transfers sent before the outage have been processed and will reach their destination soon. for now, AIS card payments have been temporarily suspended. We will notify you when service is restored. Thank you for your trust. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.”

However, there are many cases where customers have not received their money yet. One person complained: “Since January 26, I have been sending money to Cuba and they have already told me that since January 9, everything has stabilized in Cuba… They sent me a message on Friday that the problem has already been solved, and that My family will go there on Monday.” “You have money and today you have nothing.”

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From Small World, they responded that the delay was due to a “banking incident beyond the agency’s control” and promised to “complete all pending orders as quickly as possible.”

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Meanwhile, Fincimex, the company responsible for processing money transfers in Cuba, did not update the matter again, not even through Facebook customer service.

A few days ago, they assured senders that “they have the ability to cancel shipments at any time” and that “Don't waste money“.

When the issue of sending bank cards in Cuba is resolved, many Cubans are looking for options for sending cash. Two of the most used alternatives are CaixaBank HomePay and Sendvalu, which we will tell you about In this article.

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