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Mexicans who don't have a new home or a new car in the next two years: Inegi

Mexicans who don’t have a new home or a new car in the next two years: Inegi

Whether it’s a home, a car or higher-value appliances, these are purchases Mexicans shy away from due to the instability the country is currently experiencing, with many barely returning to a stable job and still unemployed. This situation makes it difficult for you to make expenses that can be deferred for a few months.

Even collecting the points available to get a house, no longer means that you have to buy a house, because the monthly deduction made outweighs the expenses of the family, which is why many Mexicans stop buying their homes due to many factors, including inflation, because the interest on loans is higher Just as paying for food and services is getting more expensive every day.

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More expensive homes and things, fewer purchases among Mexicans

According to information from INEGI’s National Survey of Consumer Confidence, home and car purchases have continued to decline compared to May last year. With only 16 points out of 100, there are few participants who plan to acquire, build or remodel a home in the next two years, a lower rate than last year.

The pessimistic view is reversed when the indicators are less than 50 points, on the contrary, when they are above this number it is an optimistic scenario. And even though you’ve stayed on the bottom in recent years, they continue to raise experts’ concerns.

These pessimistic scenarios range from buying a home, as well as buying a car, whether used or new. Mexicans do not think of making large expenditures in times of crisis, with inflation affecting even the purchase of the basic basket, thinking of something larger than the budget of many is not a first necessity.

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