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Mexican Julio Urillas looks for three personal signs when facing Velez

Mexican Julio Urillas looks for three personal signs when facing Velez

Mexican Julio Urreas He’ll be out looking for three character marks when the Los Angeles Dodgers face the Philadelphia Phillies at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday night at 10:10 ET.

Urreas, who will try to be MLB’s first 10-game winner of the season, is looking for his double-digit campaign into the winning column, in what is now his sixth season in his career.

The first challenge of the night in his first four strokes will be to get his 86th goal of the season, breaking his previous best of 85, a record he set in 2019 when he passed his 84. He was added during his debut season in 2016.

The left-handed bowler will enter the game with 78 rounds 1/3 in 13 starts, just one round 1/3 away from equalizing his high of 79 and two-thirds he also achieved in 2019, when he passed 77 in his first year in 2016.

Last Thursday, when he put his numbers 9-2 into wins and losses by beating the Pittsburh Pirates 6-3, he made his best hit with his fifth in the game against Brian Reynolds In the sixth episode to reach 85.

Urías has a high of 3.56 ERA, in part that he has received 10 guards in 13 matches, despite his fortune that seven of them were singles and the other three with one runner at the bases.

After two victories on the road, Urías returned to Dodger Stadium where he posted his worst start to the season against the San Francisco Giants on May 29, scoring seven runs – six they took – in just five rounds after dropping 11.-6.

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Although he was 3-1 at home, he struggled to compile a 4.58 ERA in 35.1 innings, hitting 36 strokes and scoring 20 points, with only 34 strokes. Opponents hit .265 on Dodger Stadium.

For Velez, the right will go up the hill Zach Evelyn, who is 2-5 with a 3.89 ERA in 12 starts, as he has 75 hits in 74 innings. Evelyn has been battling a four-game losing streak in his last five after winning for the last time on May 7.