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Julio Cesar Chavez warns that his life is in danger against Camacho Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez warns that his life is in danger against Camacho Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Confirmed that the confrontation before Hector “Macho” Camacho Jr. It carries great risks for him because of You have a taste in your noseAlthough he indicated that if he died in the ring, it would be the perfect culmination of his life.

for years Boxing legend It has problems with said party and has already been rebuilt, so in case you receive A bad hit can have big problemsWell, something is there.

“Whatever God wants will happen, but I will not make anyone who goes to Jalisco look bad, I will make an exhibition that all people will love and If I have to die in the ring, that’s for every motherTUDN said.

“I felt some fear for myself, I know the danger I’m running fromIt’s a show, but my nose, with a bad rhythm I could have a strokeI have to be very careful, but I have already accepted it, it has already reached my neck, but now I must determine how much or how little is left of the great champion of Mexico.”

More than just a gallery

Over the weekend, Chavez and Camacho Jr. held a press conference that ended up very hot There was some scramble And threats because America promised to do so He will avenge his father’s defeat By Cesar del Boccio in 1992.

This battle has already become personal, he disrespected me, said he would hit me all over my mother, and that he would take revenge on his father, The bastard pushed me, he wanted to slap me“I took this more personally,” Chavez said.

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When is the fight?

Chavez and Camacho Jr. will meet on Saturday, June 19 in Jalisco, in what will be their last exhibition fight.