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“Meta Wants To Flee Twitter And Other Tech Clicks In America” ​​|  daily listening

“Meta Wants To Flee Twitter And Other Tech Clicks In America” ​​| daily listening

This is the most important tech news of the week in America.

1. Who is the “meta” of the farm for Twitter is here

Despite the controversies raised by Elon Musk, the company that cost him $44,000 million is still the “mistress and mistress” of social networks. Something that wants “ASAP” to change Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp).

It turns out that the tech giant has been working on its “Twitter Response” since last January.

“Creators and public figures care about having a reasonably managed platform that they can trust,” said Chris Cox, Meta’s product manager, in a thinly veiled reference to Twitter’s dubious notoriety since Musk bought the app last year.

excited? patience patience.

2. Is he the one who knows, knows, or misleads Zuckerberg?

And speaking of meta, when Mark Zuckerberg says something, the world listens. But if you talk about your direct competitors, then you should take this “information” with a grain of salt.

The Facebook co-founder believes that the new Apple Vision Pro glasses are designed for use by someone “alone and sitting on the couch” and offer a “real philosophical difference” to his company’s glasses, The Quest, which are designed so that users are “interacting”.

Aside from personal or commercial considerations, there is one thing that cannot be argued: while the glasses from the biting apple company will be released in 2024 for $3,499, Meta has announced its own Meta Quest 3 set for “only” $499.99.

Follow this hair fighting mask!

3. A virtual dressing room…so real

There is no worse nightmare when it comes to buying clothes than having to wait thirty minutes to enter the dressing room at our favorite store.

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Karma that Google is trying to end by launching in the United States a virtual dressing room equipped with artificial intelligence, with the option “Try On”, which allows us to see what this dark object of desire looks like on us.

The bad news: Right now, it only works with T-shirts, T-shirts, and sweaters on forty women’s body types.

The good news: Men will no longer have to find excuses to avoid the invitation to shop.

4. The environment is expensive, 1,800 million more expensive

While electric vehicle technology is good for the environment and your pocketbook in the long run, access to it isn’t exactly a bargain. And that’s not just the proud Tesla owner.

Canada also sees how betting on this change is worth more. Specifically, setting up a Volkswagen plant to produce batteries for electric vehicles would cost an additional US$1.8 billion.

Thus, while the German automaker will invest 3,890 million in its first battery plant outside Europe, the Canadian government will have to contribute, between credits and subsidies, about 12,266 million, compared to the roughly 10,500 million initially announced.

Everything for a greener and cleaner future.”

5. And at number nine, Netflix is ​​poised to take the field!

For one, silver is calling silver. On the other hand, that covers everything tight. A split that Netflix has been thinking about for a long time.

Now the world leader in “live broadcasting”, with 232.5 million customers, intends to jump into live sports broadcasting and broadcast the golf tournament from Las Vegas (USA) with celebrities, including the heroes of his popular documentary series “Full Swing” (golf) and “Drive to Survive” (Formula 1), it may be time.

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“We haven’t seen a profitable way to broadcast major sporting events… We’re not against doing it, we’re just out for profit,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said in January last year.

The doubts generated by the high cost of broadcasting rights to sporting events seem to have finally dissipated.

ESPN and HBO, wait, here comes the giant red “N”.

6. Do not play this song on Twitter!

Although the world has been consuming music in a very different way for a long time, “there are limits,” Fabricio Oberto said on his NBA broadcast.

This is what about two dozen major record companies are trying to establish, including Universal and Sony, which sued Twitter in a US court for profiting from the compositions of its artists in what they consider a “gross infringement of intellectual property harming music creators.”

According to the lawsuit, X Corp, Elon Musk’s company that includes Twitter, uses the plaintiffs’ music and video collections to “attract, retain, and enhance user engagement” at the expense of the authors.

For this reason, they are asking for a jury trial for $150,000 in damages for each work subject to infringement, which could run into the “hundreds of thousands.”

A little joke can turn out to be very expensive and prevent the little blue bird from continuing to sing … other people’s tunes.

7. A “Quiet” to “Brangelina” for the video game

As in “show business” there was a “Brangelina” or a “Bennifer”, in the world of video games, “Microvision” is coming… if justice allows it.

In February 2022, Microsoft announced the purchase of Activision Blizzard for $ 69,000 million, in what would be the largest transaction of its kind, but a judge in California (USA) ordered the temporary suspension of the agreement and set an oral hearing for the next day. week.

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It’s all because the FTC believes such a purchase would hurt consumers, with Microsoft reducing competition by acquiring Activision franchises like “Warcraft,” “Call of Duty,” and “Candy Crush” and becoming the number three company in the video game segment. , behind only Tencent and Sony.

Players, hold on to your chairs because this game still has many “worlds”.