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Emiliana Valdez, presenter of RTS' Morning News: I know I won't replace anyone |  TV |  entertainment

Emiliana Valdez, presenter of RTS’ Morning News: I know I won’t replace anyone | TV | entertainment

The Guayaquil woman has joined the morning show host team since the morning of Wednesday, July 21st. It first appeared on national television.

She came to energize the TV mornings. His face and name are unknown to the viewer and this novelty is exactly what attracts him. program followers morning news, in a RTSIn the social networks of the productions, they highlighted in their comments the correct choice of a character who had not previously appeared in another program.

Emiliana Valdez, from Guayaquil, is one of the new presenters of the morning programme, of which Ursula Strange was a part until a week ago. Strenge’s departure to join the team Magazine from house to house stimulate it RTS It will start moving. Several guests who attended were José Luis Arevalo, Isaac Delgado and Luisa Delgadillo, who temporarily joined.

As on other channels, the anticipation of meeting the new member was managed by a campaign that kept the viewer connected to the space with a promise to reveal the name. On Wednesday morning, the mysterious on-screen character had a face and a name and was well received by his new colleagues.

“I am very excited, there are so many mixed feelings, I am very happy especially because I came to a very good team, an excellent team I would like to say, accompanied by great people, great professionals like Luisa, José Luis and Isaac, I know I will learn a lot about them,” says the journalist. The 26-year-old: “I’ve had enough support from the production, and from the directors to make me feel at home.”

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morning news It is his first appearance in front of the cameras, but it is not his first work on television. Before joining a team RTS, Valdez was working on TC . TV As a news program coordinator. “Then I worked in the commercial district selling a car brand, and that’s when I met Mariucci (National Director of News and Production at Padilla) RTS). She was the one who trusted me, made the proposal, and we were doing quite a bit castings Some time ago, until finally the right moment, the moments of God were perfect, and the perfect moment was given to be able to enter,” the digital creator also shares, with more than 17 thousand followers on social networks such as Instagram.

“This is my first appearance on screen, in front of the cameras, on national television, which I make in front of the whole country in this way, you can imagine my feelings but also as I said when I introduced myself, I assume that is a huge responsibility, I do not take it lightly, I will continue to prepare myself, and Step by step, I have someone to learn a lot from, the team I’m forming, and I’m pretty sure they’ll teach me a lot, in fact they’ve really helped me and I’ve had a lot of patience,” says Valdez, who also confirms that this is a very promising career for her.

Emi, as her family and friends confidently call her, is a Social Communication Technician with a major in Public Relations, at Tecnológico Espíritu Santo, and has already graduated with a degree in Social Communication from the International University of Ecuador (UIDE). I will be the character who will go to the reportage, who will go out on the street, to visit the public in their homes. The content that we will be broadcasting is about fashion and beauty, but beyond that it is also about social assistance, which is very important. The topic of entrepreneurship, which is also fundamental for young people, to be like the voice of young people. We will also be raising community and entertainment issues,” he adds.

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When Valdez was asked about her entry after Strange left the space with which she started as a central character, she replied, “I know and realize I’m not going to replace anyone, I came to contribute in some other way to the program, like I said with valuable content, get close to the audience, get close to them and provide them with With valuable information as you mentioned. There’s also a very important character that we can’t say yet, but as I mentioned on the show, I’m not alone and by the time the other person comes, we’ll be done,” he confirms. “No one comes to replace anyone, Ursula has her place, she is a reference, and therefore I respect and value her above all else,” he states.

Valdez admits that she is a homely friend and a loyal friend. She is fond of dancing and singing and also studied professional make-up. “I am the only person in my family who uses a medium of communication, they are very proud of me, I have received many messages and am happy to read them all,” he says. (And)