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Medical sciences students positive results in 2022 (+ audio)

Medical sciences students positive results in 2022 (+ audio)

Comprehensive outcomes for Caibarien medical science students in 2022 are described

Students of the University of Medical Sciences Kaiparen finished 2022 with positive results on all fronts.

In an interview with Dr. Tania Santiago Tejo, Head of the Teaching Department of the Municipal Health Directorate, she referred to the press the quality of the pedagogical educational process during the aforementioned period, but stressed that what has been achieved goes further than that, other activities in which students and teachers are included.

Referring to the integration of young students, he referred to the support for the popular consultation process for the new family law, in addition to the work in schools for the referendum, as well as the work done in the process of electing delegates to the municipal assembly of popular power.

He highlighted the inclusion of assistant students in medical sciences in the Frank Pais movement and the research they presented with their professors at the Science and Technology Forum and the scientific event for university students.

In the middle of the year, when the new academic year began, the nursing technician profession started here from the ninth grade along with the previous grades. Medicine, a degree in nursing and various health technologies that took place in theoretical classes at their center and rotations or practices in health centers.

In the year that ended, they conducted the Open Doors Operation at the local Pre-University Institute to motivate new generations towards the profiles of medicine. He recalled the results achieved in the comprehensive residency exams for general medicine, the state exams for professions, the teaching classification track, and the start of the new graduate program for the center.

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A student bastion, revival of important dates, and other activities were added to the day to celebrate the University Students’ Union centenary last December, as a public wrap-up that, as confirmed by the head of health teaching, was lucrative. For results across the board.

Image: CMHS Archive.