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MasterChef Celebrity 2024 followers complain about repetitive details

MasterChef Celebrity 2024 followers complain about repetitive details

RCN recently announced that it has begun recording one of the most popular “facts” broadcast on its screen, “Celebrity MasterChefIt will return with a new season in 2024.

At the moment, the identity of the participants and the jury has been confirmed, especially the replacement of the Chilean chef Chris Carpentier.

It's about Adria Marina, a culinary professional born in San Diego, California, but raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his culinary touch with Aztec Cuisine, and has also been a judge on other programs similar to 'Chef'.

This year's participants are: Nina Caicedo, María Fernanda Yepes, Carolina Cuervo, Catherine Ibarguín, Brian Moreno, Alejandro Estrada, Victor Mallarino, Ricardo Henao, Paula Rey, Martina La Deneri, Domenica Duque, Vicky Berrio, Elenia Antonini, Juan Pablo Llano, Camilo Sainz, Andres Toro , Roberto Cano, Jack Tukhmanian, Gabriel Murillo And Franco Bonilla.

Claudia Bahamon It will continue to be the frontrunner of the format; The other two jurors will be the chefs Nicolas de Zuberia And George Rausch.

Viewer complaints about MasterChef Celebrity 2024

Each of them was shown off in video and photos, and many of the show's followers showed their excitement for the new season, though It is not yet known when and at what time it will be released.It is expected to start after that.The famous Columbia house“It was finished, in about two months.

However, in the comments of posts made on the social media profiles of “Canal RCN”, other reactions from netizens also emerged in which they expressed their desire to see… Version with people who are not famousJust as it happened in the beginning when this “reality” arrived in Colombia.

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“When will they release MasterChef but not the celebrities”, “When will they release MasterChef for us poor people”, “Why don’t they make MasterChef again with ordinary people”, “How long will they release MasterChef”? Will it be with celebrities? “We want to see people who are not famous,” “Now they change and put ordinary people in the competition.”“, were some of the reactions.

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