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The fired presenter of “Venga la Alegría” pleads for a job at Imagen Televisión

The fired presenter of “Venga la Alegría” pleads for a job at Imagen Televisión

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More than a year ago, William Valdés was fired from TV Azteca's morning show “Venga la Alegría”, because the company underwent changes with the departure of Sandra Smeister, the former content director.

What did William Valdes do after arriving in Mexico?

The driver left Mexico with the idea of ​​getting a chance at Telemundothe company where Smeester and his former producer Deo Loperis began working, but things did not go as he wanted and a few days ago he returned to Mexico.

At the same time as William Valdés' arrival, the arrival of Dio Lluberes, former producer of “Venga la Alegría”, was announced at Imagen TV where he was appointed as Entertainment Director.

As expected, Valdés is said to be already looking for an opportunity at Imagen Televisión, a company that according to Alex Kaffie, the Cuban host visited the aforementioned company last Friday, April 5th.

“The person who was there and a lot of people saw him, William Valdez, who was there in the facilities (…) I don’t know if he works in Mexico now,” Alex Caffey stated.

People said that William Valdés was a protégé of Sandra Smeister and Dio Loberiswhen they were both part of TV Azteca, so as soon as they left, he was fired.

What happened to William Valdes in the United States?

At the beginning of 2023, William Valdes moved to the United States with the aim of obtaining employment opportunitiesAlthough he received some invitations to work on television, it seems that he did not receive any official offers.

“People who I thought would be there turned their backs on me. I asked myself many times 'why?' I asked myself many times 'why?' and no one answered. My five-year relationship also ended in an instant. 'I thought the world was falling apart for me.' I didn't know what to do and I couldn't find any way out,” he wrote on Facebook upon his return to Mexico.

The former member of CD9 admitted that his return to Mexico was with the aim of restoring his career: “Today I am a different person. I have learned to accept the situation and this is the best way not to suffer. I return to Mexico because I am very happy here.”

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What did William Valdes do during his stay in the United States?

Although he thought so William Valdés will be part of Telemundo's programmingAs Sandra Smeister serves as director, the host did not receive an invitation.

On the contrary, Televisa Univision allowed him to return as a guest in some programs on both “Despierta América” ​​and “Siéntese qué donde”.

He also began recording his own podcast, which he uploaded to Spotify, however, he only made a few shows.

William Valdes returns to public life.

Who is William Valdes, former host of “Venga la Alegría”?

William Valdés Lopez was born in Havana, Cuba, on January 10, 1994. He is an actor and television presenter who made his debut in the television series “Grachi”.

In May 2013, he joined the Mexican band CD9. He was part of the Univision show “Despierta América,” from which he was fired in 2017, for constantly arriving late and under the influence of alcohol.

In 2019, he was part of the program “Hoy” for a short season. She joined TV Azteca under the supervision of Sandra Smeister in 2019. William Valdés was fired from the company in October 2022, after being part of “Venga la Alegría” for two years.

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