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Ariadna and Maribelli almost physically attacked each other, says former resident of 'celebrity house'

Ariadna and Maribelli almost physically attacked each other, says former resident of 'celebrity house'

Actress and influencer Isis Serath Gutierrez, known simply as Sirathwho was eliminated last week from Famous house 4recently reported an alleged incident on his social networks –Which has not been transferred– Between a Puerto Rican model and a businesswoman Maribelli Rivera And the former Colombian beauty queen Ariadna Gutierrez.

According to Sirat, in the heated argument, he had to mediate between them before they attacked each other, a situation that left him with Bruises on his body.

“Arie was so agitated at that moment that I stopped, and I got in between them and stopped. She (Arie) hit me on the bust and then I don't know, it was something that attracted me too. Well, I got some bruises.”Sirath narrated in a video.

“If I hadn’t detailed that, I don’t know, it would be a different story.”He confirmed. “But well, my teammates just said that, I never said it there.”he said, referring to a conversation the reality show residents had. Patricia Corsino and Paulo Quevedoas they seem to be talking about that non-televised incident.

“Yesterday they sent me this video and that's why I told you a little bit about the color purple that Patty mentioned. I didn't cause any drama inside the house because I know they didn't want to hurt me. When I tried to get in the way and avoid something, it happened.Sirath stated in another post on his social networks.

According to the comments of the program’s followers on social media, This hot event could have happened on March 28, When streaming 24/7 lacasadelosfamosos.com He was out of the air for several hours During the televised concert that night, a number of members appeared dressed in black and demanded an end to the attacks the home.

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