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These are the businesses and jobs through which Peter Albero says he has achieved his dream

These are the businesses and jobs through which Peter Albero says he has achieved his dream

After the alleged relationship between comedian Juan Guillermo Norenha Zapata, known as “Caroloco”, with the “Clan del Golfo”, became known on social networks. Some netizens accused comedian Peter Albero of getting his money badlyBecause he constantly shows his luxurious life on his networks.

Given these comments, the comedian defended himself on social media and commented that he had nothing to hide in his work. He even showed his followers everything he had to do to be able to live the life he lives in a thread on X.

Peter Albero began by saying that throughout his life he had to do different jobs, and in addition, He had the ability to create different sources of income, which helped him grow financially.

One of her first jobs was selling underwear at the university, because at that time she bought a large amount of underwear in San Victorino and packed them in small bags, and in this way she earned money during her studies.

Likewise, in Bucaramanga, he organized motorcycle races with a friend and thousands of people attended the event. until, He became a university professor and taught a course called communication techniques. It helped students get rid of their fear of public speaking and awakened the spirit of leadership in some.

When he began to become famous in the world of comedy, Peter Albero ran marathons in supermarkets and shopping malls once a month in different cities. Although many people watch him for free at these events, he makes money by getting sponsors.

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During this time he also worked in radio Monday through Friday from 6 to 10 a.m. and on weekends he gave presentations at companies, theaters, etc. In 2019, the comedian wrote a book called “Million Dollar Dream,” detailing all of his work.

His time in comedy and television has helped him get… He has a large number of followers on his Instagram account, which is why some brands hire him to do organic ads.

Works by Peter Albero

Currently, Peter Albero visits many countries for his comedy show and also has some work in the United States.

  • Super nice car rental: The comedian is the owner of this company that offers car rental services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando at competitive prices. Prices range from $29 per day to luxury options, such as renting a Ferrari 488 Spider, which costs around $1,200 per day.
  • Garage burgers and the divine comedy: Peter Albero entered the gastronomic field with two restaurants in Miami. “Hamburguesas Garaje” and “La Divina Comedia”, the latter a collaboration with renowned chef Sergio Martin, offer an exclusive culinary experience.
  • Doral key: This company specializes in planning children's events in Florida, providing families with an entertainment-filled environment, equipment designed for children, and spacious spaces to celebrate memorable events.

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