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Lenny Kravitz is stirring up the networks by performing exercises in leather pants

Lenny Kravitz is stirring up the networks by performing exercises in leather pants

Lenny Kravitz He enjoys the full support of his fans, no matter how extravagant he is, and the evidence for this is that after he published a video clip where He's doing weights while wearing his signature leather pantsHe did not become a target for critics, but rather gained recognition on social networks, where they confirm that this is the position of a real rock star.

the singer once again He takes his role as a rocker seriously, and he showed that after sharing a video where… He was not only surprised by his great physical condition, because he appears in the clip carrying a lot of weight, but also because he did so while wearing the clothes we are accustomed to seeing him in..

This is correct, The 59-year-old guitarist appears wearing very tight leather pants, sunglasses and a transparent shirt. Which, in any other context, would not attract attention, because since his debut as an artist, in 1989, his style of dressing has become one of his most prominent features, but on this occasion he was in the gym.

The reaction of his fans was positive, because instead of criticizing Lenny for wearing uncomfortable clothes while exercising, “so as not to lose elegance,” They praised him for continuing his role as a rock star 24/7Pointing out that this will only make him a real celebrity.

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“My man never breaks character, full-time rock star, only Lenny can get away with that”; “Only Lenny Kravitz has the right to practice in sunglasses and leather pants”; “Lenny's the same all the time, you ain't playing, man!”; “Working out in sunglasses, a fishnet shirt and leather pants, he's one of the last true rock stars.” These are some comments from users who supported the musician.