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Marine health doctors wanted

Jim Maldonado.
It is not necessary to have a medical specialty, although it is worth having it, especially if it is an occupational medicine specialty, and it can be another outlet for practicing medicine: Take care of the health of seafarersthose who proceed to work on board, and who ensure that the necessary conditions for health care on board are met.

The Navy’s Social Institute is offering 10 places for Navy Health Physicians on an open call through March 21

Open until March 21st public job offer The Maritime Social Institute 10 places for marine hygienists. Four of them are located at different points on the Galician coast. The rest of the places are distributed in the provinces of Valencia, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, ​​Cadiz and the Autonomous City of Melilla. One of the places is reserved for professionals with recognized disabilities.

It is located around a Selective process through opposition opposition to entry as permanent workers. The requirement is to have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in medicine and pass an opposition phase, with two qualifying exercises based on 19 common themes and 45 job-specific themes, and an optional third of languages. Then professional and academic merits will be taken into account.

Obtaining an occupational medicine specialization gives the highest degree above all other specialties

In this last area, Obtaining a specialty in occupational medicine gives the highest gradesabove all other disciplines. Having a master’s degree or a doctorate and having completed or been given training related to the duties of a marine hygienist, publishing in specialized journals, receiving grants and awards also points.

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What does a marine health doctor do?
Numerous positions are assigned to Naval Health Physicians who, at times, have to Boarding themselves or moving temporarily to other duty stations. These doctors are required to carry out the medical examinations necessary to board and check first aid kits on board the ships. Providing health training courses And cooperate in controlling the sanitary and hygienic conditions of crew members, ships and cargo ships.

Naval hygienists are responsible for medical examinations of crew members or health care on board ships

According to the call published in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE) on March 1, they are also required to do so. Meet the medical needs of the crew In the port, on board ships, and through remote consultations via radio. In addition, they are responsible for accompanying the sick and injured if necessary and developing the clinical history of the patients.

In terms of research, marine health doctors Conducting epidemiological, statistical or other studies Concerning the health status of the fishing community. They also have to collaborate with the rest of the Navy’s Social Institute health care services, among other aspects.

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