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Maribelli's ex-boyfriend: "For personal reasons, I made the decision to end the relationship"

Maribelli’s ex-boyfriend: “For personal reasons, I made the decision to end the relationship”

Contrary to what the model and businesswoman put it, Maribelle Riveralast Friday, when he revealed that he had decided to end his relationship with Jose Javier Carrasquillo because of an incident that took place in the Condesa del Mar Condominium, in green islandAnd the This afternoon, the ex-fiancé of Maria del Pilar Rivera, the first name of the owner of the Bompys store, told her copy.

These are the only expressions I will make on this subject. In this medium I want to communicate my separation from María del Pilar Rivera, better known as “Maribelli”, Carrasquillo began the message shared by the producer Jorge Papon “Molosque” in social networks.

The model’s ex-boyfriend did not deny that they were engaged and excited to hit the altar, however, those plans were in the past.

“For personal reasons, I made the decision to end the relationship,” Carrasquillo said.

Carrasquillo added that these would be the only statements he would make. In addition, he clarified that he has not been affiliated with any public security apparatus since June 2022.

He concluded, “However, I wish Ms. Rivera all the best, and thank her for the time we had together.”

Over the weekend, Maribelle shared a series of messages emphasizing her loneliness and the process of getting over the breakup of her engagement.

“With my heart in pieces, here I am letting go of my anger, my frustration, and everything I feel. I am not afraid of ridicule. It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble and fall, but how many times you get up to keep fighting to show your strength as a woman warrior. Thank you @junnytroche, my ‘coach’, for Your words and today lifted my spirits with the “boxing” class, he wrote in the message he posted on his Instagram account with a video clip showing himself in physical training.

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