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Mariana Swan accepts that she kissed “Guero” Castro and reveals her true relationship

After a popular entertainment magazine published some pictures where you can see Mariana Siwan Air Base to Jose Alberto “El Giro” Castro, The singer and actress broke the silence and admitted it Yes gave a “Pico” for a Televisa productbut to reject to be in one relationship with him. the artist, 46 years old, He revealed what the true bond is between them, as he confirmed that they are very much in love with each other.

translator “Jam” and “I Was Wrong” Stressed that before her ex-husband Angelica Rivera But he stressed that they do not have one Romantic relationship As confirmed by Tv Notas magazine. On the other hand, she notes that they have been friends for many years and that she used to give a “morsel” to her loved ones, because she greets not only her close friends in this way, but also her mother and father, since in this way she shows him affection.

“I’ve seen the pictures, but then they think of a lot of things They do not have It has nothing to do with reality. It’s a tender, itchy kiss I sometimes give to my friends I want so much for my mom kiss on the mouth The actress, who will soon be appearing in the TV series, said in the productionHe is “Guiro” Castro, who is expected to bear the nameland of hope A project in which she will work for the first time with her friend who is now putting her in controversy.

This is the relationship between Mariana Swan and “El Guero” Castro

The singer denied having a relationship with the 59-year-old Castro, but said he was an extraordinary person with whom anyone could fall in love. “I have a wonderful relationship with him.he. we are friends It’s been a long time, it’s the first time we’ve worked together. We are happy to do this novel. We met at this restaurant, I was going with another friend, then I stayed talking to him. It really is an extraordinary object. Who could not fall in love with a man like that?“.

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Mariana Sewan Make it clear at this time is one f He indicated that if at any time Begins a relationship with Jose Alberto Castro “El Giro” They will announce it to their fans and the media. “I am not closed off to love. I single woman. If I had a relationship we will say that, But at the moment there is only onebeautiful friendship With so much love and respect because we both admire each other and love each other incredibly. We’ll see what happens over time.”And she judged the actress and singer.

whileSiwan, 46 years old, He indicated that he was resuming his projects after he was suffering from health problems due to a tumor in his neck that could have affected his vocal cords. However, she has now recovered and will soon revive the villain of “Guero” Castro’s melodrama, with whom she does not rule out starting a romantic relationship, however, indicating that at this moment she enjoys his company as a friend.

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