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Maria Felix and Dolores del Rio: The golden movie actresses were complicit on one occasion

Maria Felix and Dolores del Rio: The golden movie actresses were complicit on one occasion

I wrote in Offers the

Despite the fact that it has been rumored for years Maria Felix NS Dolores del Rio There was a competition that went on for years, and “La Donia” denied this information during an interview with Enrique KrauseWhich turned into the book “All My Sufferings”.

In this work, a singer Who is the Mexican He emphasized that not only did he have a good relationship with his colleague, but they also respected his career, although they met only once in a production Ismael Rodriguez.

For years, evidence of the alleged encounter between the two actresses has been sought; However, everything in this case was just speculation, so even the word star”Adores“.

To record that they both understand each other, Maria Felix He recounted the occasion when they both became accomplices to get the role in films that were not intended for them.

Both actresses are symbols of national cinema.

The time when the golden age singers got together

on what he narrated an actressI worked for a film company called Season, While subordinate River It was exclusive to films Globalism; However, both companies had offices in the same building.

For this reason, and to save costs, we have only hired one mail delivery Which delivered the parcels requested by the two companies.

One day, the lead actress hung up, the boy was tasked with bringing a script to a house Maria Felix and the other on a star titlethe Baby“.

Originally the script for “Vertigo“It was to be delivered to Doloresbut upon reading it,the MrsShe fell in love with the character and was flattered that she got such a strong role as a little girl.

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the home subordinate River arrivedto the forest of fire“Where the protagonist was asked to play a young woman who must also boast of her beauty, which is why she felt sympathy for this project.

La Dona has always had a strong personality.

“We read the stories and we were happy,” she said.

When the producers tried to convince both of them to take Careers Which they had originally thought, they decided to refuse and in the end had to accept the will of the two of them.

“In order not to disappoint us, they accepted the exchange,” he said.

As narrated by the star:Tezuk’, and both of them broke off from that moment, although they never responded to the media spreading rumors between them in order to antagonize them.

“Dolores and I were very different; she’s refined, interesting, usually in therapy. I’m energetic, arrogant, bossy,” he asserted.