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Mina Suvari talks about her ‘strange and scary’ experience on the set of American Beauty

Mina Suvari talks about her ‘strange and scary’ experience on the set of American Beauty

Mina Suvari Explain the “strange and frightening” experience he had Kevin Spacey On the set of American Beauty.

The actress appeared in the 1999 film Sam Mendes, written by Alan Ball, as Angela, the best friend of Spacey’s teenage daughter.

Days after the magazine was told Persons That Spacey slept “close to” from Suvari to prepare their scene together, the actress opened up about more details about the “weird” experience when speaking with the magazine. Sunday times.

“Between settings, Kevin led me into a small room with a bed and we sat side by side, and I looked at him as he gently hugged me,” she said.

“I wondered if he had discussed it with Sam [Mendes] Or if it was something premeditated as a way to prepare us for the familiarity we needed to share or if it was an impromptu idea,” he continued, adding, “Whatever it is, it worked.”

Suvari described the encounter as “weird and frightening, but also calm and peaceful”, admitting that she accepted his “gentle caresses”, as she was “used to openness and craving for emotion that felt like food simply being touched…”.

The actress went on to say that she “immediately” thought Spacey was “interested” in her, saying, “I didn’t know how far he would go or how he would react if it came to this. But she didn’t. We just stay there, close and feel comfortable.” “.

Suvari commented that it was a “fantastic move on his part” because he “got the score” needed for their scene together.

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“There was no conversation either. It happened. It was just a moment. It was a lunch break. And it was peaceful and quiet. And it was the attention and care that Angela – and Mina – really needed.”

Suvari commented that Spacey had been “awesome” and “professional” before that, noting that “that day became something different.”

Several men accused Spacey of sexual misconduct, which he categorically denied. No charges have been brought against him.

Suvari’s new book, The Great Peace: A Memoir of Mina Suvari (Hachette), will go on sale on August 12th.


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