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Victoria Beckham has leaked a compromising photo of David Beckham in his underwear

Victoria Beckham has leaked a compromising photo of David Beckham in his underwear

David Beckham Always try to find the best pose to look perfect in front of the cameras, and you will rarely find a photo that you do not like; However, his wife Victoria Beckham One of the co-owner’s lesser-known angles was captured by Inter Miami of the American Football League.

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The former Spice Girls shared on her social networks Compromising photo of the former footballer Manchester United and Real Madrid where to be seen In underwear and on the floor While you are trying to fix an error in your TV.

This is not the first time that Beckham has appeared in underwear, as he was even photographed by brands such as Calvin Klein, however This time he didn’t have time to stand in front of the camera. He remained in a position that was not suitable for him.

The electrician came to fix the TV… You’re welcome!” Victoria wrote alongside the controversial photo in which she tagged her husband.

David Beckham like never before


Beckham’s never-before-seen photo quickly sparked all kinds of reactions from social media users, and quickly surpassed more than 900,000 likes.

Victoria Beckham’s love affair with electricians

This is not the first time that Victoria Beckham is fascinated by the electrician‘Since she met David Beckham she has been engaged to an electrician named Mark Wood from whom he took his last name In her beginnings as Spice Girl.

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The story was revealed in the Netflix documentary about the life of David Beckham where it is said Wood was a laborer for Victoria’s parents With whom he fell madly in love when he was 14 years old.

The relationship with Mark went great enough They went to live together in a luxurious house His parents are in the village of Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire. In 1994, after Victoria passed her audition to join the Spices Girls, Wood proposed to her and she accepted.