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Britney Spears’ heated response to Justin Timberlake’s insinuations

Britney Spears’ heated response to Justin Timberlake’s insinuations

The author of “The Woman In Me” referred to the times they were a couple and faced each other in a basketball game, suggesting that Timberlake was a sore loser (Getty)

It seems that the pop princess is very attentive and aware of the news of the show, because… His reaction to the hint given to him by his former partner Justin Timberlake was very quick. After the media uproar caused by his statements in his memoirs “The woman inside me” In recent months. this time, Britney Spears I’m tired of being politically correct by implying that Justin was once a sore loser.

Wednesday night in Las Vegas was where the “Suit & Tie” singer deemed it appropriate to drop a brief but heated comment Before singing the controversial song about what his relationship with Spears would be like over two decades ago, “Cry Me A River.”. During his performance at the grand opening of the elegant Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas, which was attended by some onlookers Bill Gates and Tom BradyTimberlake addressed the audience and said sarcastically “Without respect.” While the introductory melody is playing.

The sarcasm with which he formulated the letter, which would be his first statement As for his mention in the work “The Woman Inside Me,” it means that he did not take any of the statements seriously, and did not give them the necessary importance. Let us remember that after the singer revealed the abortion that Timberlake instigated and accused him of marital infidelity, Spears’ fans flooded the artist’s Instagram profile With harsh comments, he was forced to cancel it.

During his performance at the opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas, he performed the controversial song “Cry Me a River,” warning that he sings it “without disrespect.” Spears’ name was not mentioned (TMZ)

In the released video, which captured the exact moment, the former singer appeared NSYNC While pausing for a moment to drop the hint, making Warning gesture With the left hand. Although Britney’s accusations were not addressed at the time, when the topic was still hot, The actor was also waiting for the waters to calm down to play a little prank.

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But his ex-girlfriend wasn’t amused one bit. After Timberlake’s clip was released at Fontainebleau, The “Toxic” singer appears to have become enraged, and far from taking it with good humor, her response was immediate and scathing.As the public is accustomed to when it comes to shouting at those who annoy them.

That’s the way, try to He returned the insinuation and it bothered himHe used a comment in his latest Instagram post to vent freely. Although he did not specify who he was addressing, everyone understood the reference. Without naming names, he said: “I never mentioned how I beat him in basketball and he was crying… No disrespect!”, a message accompanied by a basketball emoji. Although the pop star disabled her comments, the cruel insinuation has a legion of fans He applauds this gesture On X (formerly Twitter).

Although he did not specify who he was addressing, everyone understood the reference to Timberlake: “I never mentioned how I beat him at basketball and he was crying…no disrespect!” (Getty Images/Instagram @britneyspears)

“Britney always has an elegant personality.”One netizen celebrated. Along with a gif of Timberlake literally crying in a river, another fan said the singer “ate this!” A third user confirmed this He just responded in true Britney style. I love that woman.”

There was no shortage of followers who criticized Justin Timberlake’s gesture during his presentation in Las Vegas this week: “I’m with the people who wonder why he’s still singing that song. “I wouldn’t need the disclaimer if I didn’t sing the song.”

If there were any doubts about Britney’s basketball skills, they are known The ‘Crossroads’ star was part of the school’s official team and showed off his skills He accepted publicly. Taking this information into consideration, it is likely that Justin would have lost to her during the match.

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