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Adamari Lopez looks like a little girl with her Sunday look before going to mass!

Adamari Lopez looks like a little girl with her Sunday look before going to mass!

How awful, how wonderful Adamari Lopez And how this week before and after the amazing change in his appearance when losing weight was noticed, since he began changing his life a few months ago.

If yesterday he congratulated his followers on Saturday with a research who stole him twenty years with a stroke of a pen, Today she looked like a girl in the selfie she took before leaving for Sunday mass!

With her sleek hair and sincere smile on her face, Alaa’s mother couldn’t look more attractive and playful in a light blue denim jumpsuit tied at the waist and decorated with ruffles. Elbow lantern sleeve details add a feminine touch while wearing simple flat sandals.

IG Adamari Lopez

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after, after He was seen singing happily in the church during mass: “I want to be, dear Lord, like clay in the hands of a potter. Take my life, do it again…I want to be, a new cup…”, she sang at the top of her lungs. Adamari Lopez in their stories.

Bolstered by her faith and rewarded for her perseverance and determination, Adamari is now a new person, the result of all the revolutionary changes she has brought into her life this year: diet, exercise and her recent break with Tony Costa.

IG Adamari Lopez

Loved by her followers no matter what she does, the same people who accompanied her throughout her ups and downs in life, crying with her over her bad drinks and celebrating all her successes, Adamari is born from her ashes and goes on with a smile. I did well!

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