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Panamanian justice puts Diosa Canales between a rock and a hard place (+details)

Panamanian justice puts Diosa Canales between a rock and a hard place (+details)

Venezuelan singer and singer Diosa Canales is in the eye of the hurricane after her participation with a famous entertainment magazine circular, Due to problems with the authorities in Panama, their show scheduled for Friday, December 15, has been postponed.

According to a press release issued by the portal, a translator “Body and soul” She left Colombia, the country where she had been residing for some time, for Panama, where she would board a plane that would take her to Guyana. but, The situation was not possible because, according to the airline, they did not have flights.

“Another missing show. “And I don’t know if they will let me go back to it because obviously in the documents they deported us, and we still don’t know what will happen to us. They sent us back to Medellin.” She expressed the goddess for the magazine circular.

In this sense, the 36-year-old model also told the media that she tried several ways to reach her scheduled destination to satisfy her show and her followers. “We looked for other options to get to Guyana, but they made us miss other flights. “Everything seems like sabotage.” Canales confirms.

Gods She will be with her husband, who is also a singer. secretive In an exclusive offer at Ramada Georgetown.

Given all the controversy over organizing the event @Carol Productions He confirmed through a letter that all was not lost. “The show will be postponed. Tickets will still be valid my people, just wait until we have a confirmed date and we will let you know.

In recent months, tensions have escalated significantly between the governments of Venezuela and Guyana, with the Venezuelan presidency claiming that Essequibo, also known as Guyana Esquiba “claimed area” belongs to them.

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