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Toni Costa opens her heart and tells how her split from Adamari Lopez began

Toni Costa opens her heart and tells how her split from Adamari Lopez began

dancer Tony Costa He opened his heart again “Celebrity House” He recounted how his estrangement from Lieutenant Colonel Adamari Lopez began, which eventually led to the break of their love.

In the middle of a conversation with Yvonne Monteiro, Natalia Alcocer and Laura PozzoThe Spaniard revealed that it all started after the birth of his daughter Alia.

And while he didn’t assign blame, he said the estrangement with Puerto Ricans began when they let it go. AlaaAs a baby, he slept with them in the room, and not only that, but they also let the girl sleep with them in the bed.

Yvonne, Natalia and Laura expressed their feelings, telling him that this was not true, which the choreographer agreed with.

“We started with the typical crib, so it’s like a crib and then there was a crib, but this was a newborn, right next to me, because I gave her all the bottles at dawn. It was time to move her to her crib, which was in another room, and that never happened, so I stayed We are in the middle.”

“That was another thing to steer clear of—because if you want intimacy, you look for any other time or place, which, too, is probably yours, and it’s very ideal to be intimate,” she continued.

While speaking, Laura Pozzo insisted that this situation is not the best for the couple’s life.

“I think Alia will ask for it at some point: her moment, her privacy, her little thing… I did it once when I got home, maybe Adamari was on a flight. I come home and sleep at home, but I sleep with her in Ala’s room “.

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