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This is how the eldest daughter of “El Puma” reacted when she was told that she was identical to her father!

This is how the eldest daughter of “El Puma” reacted when she was told that she was identical to her father!

Liliana Rodriguez Murillo He responded to followers who confirmed that after his extreme weight loss he is very similar to his eternal enemy: his famous singer father. Jose Luis RodriguezAnd puma.

Is my daughtersI will never deny them; They are my doll. They’re over 50, and they’re not girls, they should reconsider. the day they realize; The eldest, and my ex-wife includes it too [habrá una reconciliación]Rodriguez revealed on the Mexican TV show sweating last year around the same time. He declared, “It’s been a long time, 34 years; it’s really good. Turn the page, we have to let it go;

after, after gastric sleeve surgery, the eldest daughter puma She announced last June that she was already noticeable: “jaw and cheekbones,” after losing 22 pounds. Now sharpen his features They show genes Jose Luis Rodriguez Obviously, something Liliana’s fans noticed right away, causing her to laugh.

IG / Liliana Rodriguez Liliana Rodriguez

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“What is inherited is not stolen, but rather beautiful and good feelings.” “José Luis Rodriguez in the Woman”; “Oh God, like your father!” ; “identical vesicle”; A series of messages on their networks suggested “You’re just like your dad now that you’re skinny, the resemblance is undeniable, keep it up and God bless you.”

She wasn’t far behind: “That’s right. I agree with you all. I’m Rodriguez on Aquarius, Bouygues equality game!! What is that case? Guinea “; books. He also commented, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, I can’t help but smile at the idea of ​​a good sense of humor!

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But she explained her laughter, saying: “My heart does not bother me with resemblance.. It is what I am the eldest.. I am God’s will for me to be and with love and respect I suppose, while laughing, hahaha…”, mocking her and her enormous resemblance to her father, he said.