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María Elena Álvarez-Buela resigns from the Mexican Academy of Sciences “due to intolerance”: Arturo Barba

María Elena Álvarez-Buela resigns from the Mexican Academy of Sciences “due to intolerance”: Arturo Barba

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Collaboration by Arturo Barba

In his cooperation to MVS News with Luis Cardenasscientific specialist, arturo barba, He explained what the resignation of the director of Conacyt represents, Maria Elena Alvarez-Buelato the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

The analyst highlighted this Mexico is experiencing a time where artificial intelligence is just one of the areas seeing great momentumBut there are other things, such as water, the environment, or anything related to agriculture, which are essential for the country and which “They did not receive the support they deserve”

Barba commented on this These decisions are made by whoever directs the country's scienceThat's by saying, Maria Elena Alvarez-BuelaWho resigned from the Mexican Academy of Sciences after publishing a series of thoughts on science in the country.

“Science, Whoever understands it as a national issue or with ideological dimensions, He doesn't really understand it“, select the specialist. “It is not a human activity that is underpinned by any ideology, although it is applied through governmental ideologies and viewpoints, but science itself is how it is applied. There are those who use it to build weapons and others to develop humanity.”

María Elena Álvarez-Buela, Director General of the National Council for the Humanities, Sciences and Technology (Conhacyt). Credit: Cuartoscuro

What does the resignation of María Elena Álvarez-Buela from the Mexican Academy of Sciences offer?

Arturo Barba mentioned that The director of Conacyt resigned from the academy for promoting several studies critical of the current government.

“This shows intolerance It is at the highest levels of Mexican science policy and it should not be this way because science is tolerant“, very important.

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To add some context, the expert shared this The academy has more than 3,000 members And there are characters like Juan Ramon de la Fuente And Rosaura RuizClose to the current government.

The official received support from President Lopez Obrador. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Even the current presidential candidate of Morena, Claudia SheinbaumHe is a member of the association.

The specialist stressed that he is from the Mexican Academy of Sciences, Important policies such as the National Research System and postgraduate scholarships emerged.

“He resigned from this academy simply because they published a study in which they question and analyze the mistakes of the current administration and present a proposal to the next government.” It is a clear sign of intoleranceArturo Barba announced after the departure of María Elena Álvarez-Buela.