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Marcy, the Recycler: The Luxurious Life of Sara Samaniego, Creator of Personality-People-Culture

Marcy, the Recycler: The Luxurious Life of Sara Samaniego, Creator of Personality-People-Culture

Through social networks, the moment you Mars, the recycling company He received recognition from the Youth Society, a platform run by the American Field Service (AFS).

This event strengthens the global network of youth, leaders and change agents through exchange, education and entrepreneurship. However, social networks exploded upon learning of this Young graduate of Javiriana University this behind this character.

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Recycling, I Can’t Believe This Is Happening To Me, At the New York Youth Gathering, I won the award for “Best Impact Story,” he described in his video.

It should be noted that on several occasions Sara Samaniego stated that the recycling company “Marce”is a character I created that was initially a male character: “When I thought of recycling, I always thought of male recycling.”

He said, “There are people who don’t understand this dynamic couple, they don’t understand that this isn’t a bluff and that started to build up insecurities in me that I wasn’t a Marian,” he told La Red.

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Who is Sara Samaniego?

This young woman is a social communicator from Javeriana University and an environmental activist. This character was created around 2019 and the first video was uploaded to YouTube in May. The young woman says the idea was to edit the content until a friend told her the character she was looking for was Sarah.

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In her social networks, the Javeriana alumnus shows her life as a normal, out-of-character person.

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In her personal social networks, Sara Samaniego has 25,000 followers and shows her out-of-person life, trips to New York, Munich, Brazil and other places in the world are part of her profile.

Sarah has also dedicated part of her life to getting to know Colombia, and adds places like San José del Guaviare, Magdalena, and Riohacha to her travels.

It should be noted that on the Instagram profile of “Marce” the recyclers have a video still in which Sara Samaniego tells the story of the character and the achievements she had with her.

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