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Manelik, did you sleep with someone to enter the Acapulco Shore?  answer this

Manelik, did you sleep with someone to enter the Acapulco Shore? answer this

In an interview with entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Manelik Gonzalez He admitted that he was 22 years old Acapulco shore test And although at first he did not know very well what the program was, once they explained to him that he could celebrate every day, he did not hesitate to accept for a second.

Since many producers are notorious for soliciting sexual favors in exchange for important roles, Gustavo Adolfo Infante did not hesitate to ask if she I had to sleep with someone to really joinBefore that Palm He answered “No,” though he admitted that had he been asked, he would not have hesitated to do so, if he had glimpsed the scale of the enterprise.

He replied, “Obviously!”. Palm As for the hypothetical question of what he would have done if he joined the Acapulco Shore, he would have had to sleep with someone, although he reiterated that there was no need to do so.

Regarding your participation in Acapulco ShoreAnd Manelik Gonzalez He admitted that it was very difficult to “celebrate” every day, and that the moment came when no one was like him when he entered, and it derives precisely from the bad past.

He added that the salary was very low considering that the program broke MTV rating levels. Thus, he admitted that in the first season, he received 200,000 pesos in exchange for filming all the episodes that consisted of it.

“With that two hundred thousand pesos I felt like a stupid millionaire, and that’s something I later said ‘Oh my God, they’re taking advantage of me,'” he admitted with a laugh.

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