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Madonna gives a surprise concert as part of NYC Pride

Madonna gives a surprise concert as part of NYC Pride

The pop legend grabbed the spotlight at The Standard Highline. (Andy Cohen/Instagram)

The New York City Pride It was a great start from the hand of one of the darlings of the LGBTQIA+ movement, Madonna.

At dawn on Friday, the “Queen of Pop” lit up the streets of Manhattan, New York, with the new video “No Fear, Courage, Resist,” the weekend’s pride theme filmed by Ricardo Gomez. The video clip too Back on Times Square screens to the astonishment of thousands of people who gathered to watch Madonna’s new production.

“Tonight is not just a party to start the weekend’s pride”, Year The singer on her Instagram account hours ago.

After the stunning premiere of the video, Madonna grabbed the spotlight at The Standard Highline for a small live presentation where she performed two of her greatest hits: “Hung Up” and “I Don’t Search I Find.”

Madonna cried out to the crowd gathered in the hall according to diverse. “Don’t take anything for granted because you never know what awaits us all around the corner. Learn to love yourself,” the Like a Virgin singer added.

The special event was hosted by guest artists such as Amanda Lepore, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Billy Eichner, Zachary Quinto, Lance Bass and Adam Lambert, as well as a court for drag artists where Detox, Aquaria, Vanessa Vangi Mathieu, Candy Mews and Gotmec brews. , who enjoyed the presence of Madonna.

Throughout her career, the “Queen of Pop” has championed and supported the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights, and with her passionate conviction made her a true symbol of the fight against gender discrimination.

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“[Madonna] He was echoing and reinventing what he had been saying since day one of his career. We work on this idea: freedom, expressing yourself, being who you are, believing in what you want to be, trusting yourself, awareness, strength, and loving each other. These are the most important messages,” Gomez explained in an interview WWD.

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Likewise, the photographer and director said that “No Fear, Courage, Resist” is set to become a “celebratory video” despite realizing that the message of this video clip should be appropriate for every day, “not just in the context of pride”.

The pop legend has also sold a batch of Polaroids, which brought in more than $100,000, that will go to New York-based charities dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth.


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