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Here's what Lucero said about his relationship with Silvia Navarro in "Tomorrow Forever" |  TV series |  nnda-nnlt |  Mexico

Here’s what Lucero said about his relationship with Silvia Navarro in “Tomorrow Forever” | TV series | nnda-nnlt | Mexico

The rivalry between the protagonist and the antagonist in a real-life TV series can sometimes go beyond or get confused by enthusiastic viewers. There is much talk about in and out of ‘Tomorrow Forever’, and there is enmity between them and Silvia Navarro. Electricidad’s translator came to the front to tell her the truth.

more information: Lucero told the story of the evil “Bárbara Greco” in “Tomorrow is forever.”

Lucero spoke about his relationship with Silvia Navarro on a recording set “Tomorrow forever”, in an interview reviewed on the portal Excelsior California. His statements contradict the relationship of the characters.

“An excellent relationship has been achieved between all the actors, but in particular, I would like to keep visiting Sylvia because she is a chick, apart from being secretive, because she is not one of those who will say what you have just told her”Mijares’ ex-wife said.

The actress who played the malevolent Barbara Greco in “Tomorrow foreverShe also commented that the protagonist Silvia Navarro was attentive to her at all times and that she had very nice details.

“Suddenly I commented that I had a bruise and the next day Sylvia arrived with an arnica cream. Then I would say my skin felt dry and then I would arrive with some very expensive masks and without charging anything. On another occasion he gave me some really cool shoes”Lucero commented.

“She is really a very beautiful person, she always had good comments towards me, which is much appreciated because sometimes out of jealousy she doesn’t say that, but she is very confident in herself, she knows she is a good actress and we never had the slightest problem”The actress explained.

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Silvia Navarro shared the photos with a woman who will be her new partner. (Photo: @silvianavarroyya)

What is Lucero’s relationship with other actors?

Lucero spoke about his relationship with the leading man from the telenovela Fernando Colunga and highlighted his commitment and expertise in front of the cameras, as well as the good work he has done.

“I think Fernando has never been late for anything in life or without knowing his ideal character. In this sense, the central actors chart the way a lot, because if a star is inaccurate, shocked, hysterical and ridiculous, in the end everyone says: “If he So, so will I be.The actress and singer commented.

About Ariadne Diaz, who played her daughter Aurora, said that “There was very good chemistry and she was always divine with me, very eager to learn and develop, which is very valuable to young people who are starting out”.

He also stressed that “Rogelio Guerra, Maria Rojo and Carlos de la Mota are impressive”But this was Sergio Sendel ‘Fairly tight and reserved’ but also an actor “Very professional”.