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The intimate promise made by William and Harry to their mother, Princess Diana

The intimate promise made by William and Harry to their mother, Princess Diana

London, England.

The The late Diana Wells He always did everything in his power, even with his offspring Prince of England CharlesAnd the William Harry, enjoy an earthly childhood as much as possible, and above all, so that their relationship is not affected by the coldness that usually characterizes certain interactions between Members of the British Royal House.

So much so that it has now been revealed Simon Simmons, who was one Best friends in the 80’s and 90’s, on one occasion ominous princess make them count Everyone, regardless of their future corporate responsibilities and family life, They will never stay away from each other and they will always act like best friends.

Diana I wanted to make sure of that Brothers They will support each other unconditionally in the face of any unexpected event or challenge that may arise.

Simmons’ remarks are framed in a new autobiographical book called Brothers battle‘, signed by the distinguished historian Robert Lacey which delves into the The growing feuds and clashes that William and Harry experienced Recently, which appears to have led to a near-final break after the revealing and controversial interview given by the second to Present Oprah Winfrey.

The boys promised that they would fulfill their mother’s wishes. They reached the age of five, then hugged their mother and then continued to play football,” reads an excerpt from the above work.

Remember that On July 1, the two brothers will meet again in honor of their mother.

However, unlike in the past, Harry will not be staying at Kensington Palace – official residence William– He will stay with his cousin Eugenia at Frogmore Cottage, where he also stayed for a while Duke of Sussex after Meghan Markle’s wedding.

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