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LUMA Energy is requesting a 4.6% reduction in the housing rate for the months of August and September

LUMA Energy is requesting a 4.6% reduction in the housing rate for the months of August and September

Luma Energy Submitted to Puerto Rico Office of Energy (nipper) An adjustment in the percentage of factors that would reduce the housing bill by 4.6% for August and September.

The rate according to the documents submitted to the supervisory authority, It will drop from 20.86 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in force for July to 19.90 cents in the following two months.. The adjustment would mean that for a customer using 400 kWh per month, the bill would drop from $83.44 to $79.58, or a saving of $3.86.

Meanwhile, the commercial rate will see a decline of 4.1% in the next two months, while for industrial and medium-sized commercial customers, the relief will be 1.2%. The downward adjustment for large commercial and industrial customers would be 1.3%, if PREB agrees to factors provided by the electric transmission and distribution operator.


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Although the PREB usually approves amendments on a quarterly basis, last month it chose — without holding a public hearing — to extend the previous tariff throughout July and keep the corresponding factors intact for fuel and energy purchases. At the time, PREB asked LUMA to include in the calculation the impact of the massive generators the federal government installed at power plants in Palo Seco and San Juan, as well as the fuel optimization plan for Generate PRNew generation player.

LUMA also had to consider about $61.4 million that the Electric Power Authority received in compensation from FEMA for emergency expenses incurred after Hurricane Fiona.

Since June, the three portable generators located in Palo Seco, which together produce 150 megawatts, have been in operation. In August, four more huge generators that are being installed at the San Juan plant, with a capacity of 200 megawatts, are supposed to start operating.

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Natural gas for these portable generators – supplied New Fortress EnergyGenera’s parent company is 90% funded Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, in English).

On the other hand, PREB has not yet approved the fuel optimization plan that Genera PR has submitted in recent weeks. Last Friday, Genera PR asked that the entire document be kept secret, at least until it gets final approval.

“It is respectfully informed that because PREB has not yet approved the Fuel Improvement Plan, it is not effective and it is a ‘working document’ with multiple estimates subject to review, the factors calculated do not take it into account,” LUMA said in the proposal submitted Monday.