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Now yes, Tesla has started producing the Cybertruck

Now yes, Tesla has started producing the Cybertruck

Tesla puts the e-truck into production

Tesla puts the e-truck into production
picture: Tesla

Many would probably think that the truck that Elon Musk announced no less than five years ago has gone down in history. Indeed, two years ago it was already assumed that there were delivery dates. Nothing nor that. Tesla just announced it The e-truck starts production.

In fact, the announcement is much bigger, because Elon Musk’s company has revealed that the first Cybertruck will be built at the Giga Texas plant in Austin.

for those For those who don’t remember, the Cybertruck model was first announced back in 2019, and at that time Musk announced that the company wanted to “try something different.” When they revealed the model, there were as many detractors as there were fans. In addition to looking like a low-res vehicle from an ’80s video game, the Cybertruck has a series of characteristics that set it (on paper) apart from the rest.

For example, a very strange stainless steel body, very resistant windows (which, by the way, shattered when Musk tested them during the presentation), or an oversized windshield wiper.

Be that as it may, here we are, five years later. This could be everything hype Who had in his presentation little left, time will tell. Anyway, Musk last April raised the hopes of anyone who wants to buy stainless steel electric SUV by saying the company is ‘likely’ Cybertruck delivery occurred in the third quarter of the year.

Since production finally seems to be getting underway, such an event could happen soon. All in all, it wouldn’t be easy to buy the truck, as Musk himself said production would start slowly and then ramp up, with Mass production sometime in 2024.

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