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Shaquille O’Neal shows off his massive custom-made pickup truck: He calls it the ‘Apocalypse’

Shaquille O’Neal shows off his massive custom-made pickup truck: He calls it the ‘Apocalypse’

Shaquille O’Neallegend Los Angeles Lakersshowed his passion for cars by recently participating in an event with his latest acquisition: the amazing RAM 1500 TRX, named after… TRX Apocalypse, which fits like a glove. Although this pickup is technically a RAM 1500 TRX, it has been modified such that it is unrecognizable to the naked eye.

Shocking TRX Apocalypse It is as big as its owner Shaquille O’Neal, which has a height of 2.16 meters and fits perfectly with this extravagant creation. The former legendary center of Lakers It did not go unnoticed at the annual fair in Henry County, not only for its fame, but also for this stunning mountain that certainly caught everyone’s attention.

Shaquille O’Neal commissioned Traffic Jams Motorsports, a car customization agency, to create his amazing car TRX Apocalypse. This car’s mastodon is sculpted with unique detail, as are all of the car’s panels Ram 1500 TRX The original version was replaced with armor plates designed specifically for this project.

In addition to the armor panels, they are all coated with Kevlar TRX Apocalypse It is distinguished by its huge all-terrain tires, which are even larger than standard tires Goodyear Wrangler area Which comes as impressively standard Ram 1500 TRX. But the amendments do not stop there; The powerful 1500 TRX engine also received upgrades.

This imposing car is powered by a block HEMI V8 The 6.2 liter is capable of generating 712 horsepower and 881 Nm of torque. Although no specific details were given regarding boosting the engine, the addition of a Mechman generator was mentioned to increase its performance. A true beast on wheels designed to impress.

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Shaquille O’Neal and a cool car collection

Despite having an enviable garage, Luka Doncic He seeks to transcend Shaquille O’Neal In the diversity of its compounds. The former basketball player has an impressive car collection, thanks to his estimated net worth of around $500 million which allows him to get practically any car he wants.

Among the many automotive gems, one stands out: GMC Sierra Denali It is covered in gold and has a raised pendant which is often seen. In addition, his collection includes majestic vehicles such as Hummer H2Custom Ford F-650, A Cadillac Escalade And a rare Polaris Slingshot offered by West Coast Custom, with an extended wheelbase.

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Among its supercars is A Lamborghini Gallardo, Luxury cars such as A Rolls Royce Phantom Custom and patriotic sports cars like two Dodge Hellcats: a red Challenger Hellcat and Police Hellcat Special Charger. Shaquille O’NealHe undoubtedly knows how to enjoy life on wheels with style and elegance.

Shaquille O’Neal He is not the only player in NBA Who has a weakness for parking vehicles in his garage. Luka DoncicStar Dallas Mavericks The former Real Madrid player also has in his collection a mastodon very similar to O’Neal’s Apocalypse TRX.

Luka Doncic She added to her collection the amazing Hellfire 6×6, which she created End of the world manufacturing hellfire Based on the Jeep Gladiator. This beast features an additional third axle, numerous high-performance modifications and an engine Chevrolet LS3 500 hp.

Purchased last year, Doncic He usually arrives at board games on this monster on wheels. The idea of ​​watching a potential challenge between him and… O’Neill With their respective stands, it will definitely be a sight to behold.

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