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Luis Miguel’s daughter gets married: Michel Salas is engaged to a Venezuelan businessman | Luis Miguel | Danilo Diaz Granados | Instagram | Michel Salas | Stephanie Salas | wedding | commitment | | Offers

On May 7, Form Michel Salas He confirmed his commitment to businessman Danilo Díaz Granados through his account Instagram. daughter of the Luis Miguel He posted photos of his fiancee kissing with the following dedication: “Forever Beginning. We” (beginning forever. wein Spanish).

As you may recall, The Sun of Mexico just announced their return to the stage on a world tour, but the person who stole the covers was his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas.

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Given this, their mother, Stephanie Salas, did not hesitate to congratulate them with a tender message: “My daughter… nothing makes me feel more good than seeing you happy. I feel so much affection and I’m sure I’ll faint when I go by you… so hold me tight. I love you with all I have and wish you all the happiness of yours, my dear. Just in time My love lives love. Congratulations”the actress wrote.

The couple has been in a relationship for nearly seven years. Michelle and Danilo met at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, US in 2016 when both were pursuing degrees in business and economics.

On the other hand, what caught the attention of netizens the most was that his father, Luis Miguel, preferred not to speak when he heard the news.

It should be noted that wedding rumors have been going on for a few months after Osmil Souza, known as “Caesar of Beauty”, stated that Luis Miguel’s daughter was getting married and that he had to travel to the Dominican Republic, allegedly the destination chosen by the couple to say yes.

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Who is Danilo Diaz Granados, Michel Salas’ Boyfriend?

Michel Salas’ friend is named Danilo Díaz Granados, a Venezuelan businessman who runs a company in the United States called “Toys for Boys”. The company run by Danilo Díaz is responsible for the distribution of high-end accessories such as luxury cars, jewelry, and more.

The businessman is also engaged in other business, so he is constantly traveling. However, he currently lives in Miami, Florida, according to El Universal.

Little is known about Danilo Díaz, as he and Michel Salas tried to be very discreet with their courtship. In fact, they have rarely been caught by the entertainment press at public events.

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