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Meg Ryan reappears after a two-year absence

Meg Ryan reappears after a two-year absence

In recent years, actress Meg Ryan has not been seen in public much, either on social networks or in the media. He was last seen at an event in November 2021, when he attended an amfAR event, organized by the American Foundation for AIDS Research, a charity that supports the fight against the disease.

The actress, who starred in films like “When Harry Met Sally,” “You’ve Got Email,” and “When a Man Loves a Woman,” is back in front of the cameras to support her friend, Michael J. Fox.

Ryan, 61, appeared as Fox’s accompanist in the upcoming Apple TV screening of the documentary “Still: A Michael J. Movie” that took place in New York City. However, the person who ends up being the protagonist is the actress, especially due to the extreme physical changes she has undergone.

The heroine of many romantic comedies wore a red blouse, gray pants, and a black jacket, in addition to her distinctive blonde hair and loose hair, which made the comparisons much greater, due to the obvious aging of her face, but what attracted her attention was the clear refinement that was made to the face.

This isn’t the first time Meg Ryan has made headlines for her photoshoot. In 2015, Champ indicated to Porter magazine about how she feels about her age, “I love my life now. I love the person I’ve become. I feel like everything is easy now. I think that comes with age.”

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The same magazine asked her what she thinks of the pressure women experience as they reach old age.

“There are more important conversations than how a woman looks and how she ages.” Porter magazine at the time.

Ryan has never confirmed or denied whether any aesthetic procedure was performed, despite being constantly attacked on social networks, which she maintains ignores because she focuses all her energy and time on protecting, helping and guiding her children Jack from the age of thirty. years old, and Daisy, 19 years old.