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Lucero sharply criticized Gian Marco's song "If It Was Me" during a concert with Megares: "It's too bad, too bad" (video) |  Offers

Lucero sharply criticized Gian Marco’s song “If It Was Me” during a concert with Megares: “It’s too bad, too bad” (video) | Offers

Controversy and discussion stemmed from a comment During next toHer ex-husband. “Bride of America” ​​described the “very bad” song written by the Peruvian composer and singer.

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One of the very bad things is the phrase “if you had”, very bad, very bad. I know you don’t sing it to me, but it’s really bad, pointed out. This, in turn, annoyed Megares, a close friend of the “Love Song” singer.

“It’s the helm, nice song . Why did the press, when that song came out, say to me, “Hey, you did that to Lucero”? Let’s see, gentlemen, wait for me. The author of the song is A great friend of mine whom I love so much, great Peruvian singer and author, He answered.

“In fact, wherever this song is released, all the songs are written by Gian Marco, who had sung it years ago and they are Gian Marco songs.“, he added.

He also explained that he was not the one who wrote the song and that the song was not intended for Lucero when they were a married couple.

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“Ask the author, I am not the author, I am only singing it because I love the song. I just caught it.”, pointed out.

Meanwhile, Lucero agreed to like the song “A Little Bit”, but preferred the other songs from his ex-partner, with whom he starred in a virtual concert that gathered thousands of followers on the network.

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“I said; today you are not going to sing it. Well, guys, we didn’t want to touch that day. She’s not very beautiful, I love more Bella, Love is not dead, One in a thousand, To love each other more It is not the best. I know both of you, but less than that. Truth is, I like it a little, yeah“He completed.

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