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Alexis Valdes composed a hilarious song by Cesar Prieto

Alexis Valdés and Claudia Valdés (Image: YouTube Capture)

Cuban comedian Alexis Valdes, along with his wife, actress Claudia Valdes, composed a song for baseball player Cesar Prieto, who escaped a few days earlier from the Copa team upon his arrival in South Florida, where he was going to participate in it. Pre-Olympic Baseball Championship.

With his usual sense of humor, Valdes laughs at the situation with the song “Silly” for “Speed ​​Record With So Many Obstacles” that the Cienfuegos player played when he ran away before entering the hotel.

“When Prieto fled, he wasn’t outside, he was still. Cesar made a move he hadn’t seen until the referee,” says one of the trailers for the song the two artists performed, while Alexis was playing the guitar.

“Light as lightning, for all insurances he left it on the fabric.”

And on the decision of the sports authorities to withdraw cell phones from the players so that they do not plan their escape, Valdes said that “the cell phones were taken from him without mercy, and it seems that he is afraid to leave the players. WhatsApp.”

“Cesar, may God bless you, I respect and support you, now you will see that in the major tournaments there is no queue for chickens”, the song ends Alexis Valdes, who wears a mustache these days, as he participates in the recording. From an entirely English-language TV series by English Producers

Several Alexis followers on social networks told him their impressions of the song posted on Sunday:

“Your song and that boy’s play is wonderful. I wish him many victories and blessings.” “So good, the best step in his life, may everything be good with him, and good luck for that boy.”

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“You are an excellent professional and I love the support you get from Claudia, charismatic as well as professional.” “How cool are you Alexis, what a way to laugh with the song and how beautiful your wife’s voice is.”

Cesar Prieto Escape

On May 26, Prieto was arriving at the hotel where the Cuban national baseball team was to be staying, got off the bus, got in a car and left the team like this.

Many specialists consider Cesar Prieto the best Cuban hitter among those who have been on the island.

During the past season, the youngster set a record for back-to-back matches in the National Series, averaging 403 in his final season with Cienfuegos. Your family is in Cuba You have already suffered the repercussions of your decision.

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