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Lorena Herrera hasn’t left and responded to Lyn May for saying she dresses cheaply

  • Famous was made out of words after Lynn talks about the costumes that Lorena Herrera uses in her shows.
  • Lorena Herrera has admitted that the only thing Lin May wants from her statements is to stir up controversy.

Lauren Herrera He defended himself against the harsh criticism he received from him Lin May, after the video declared not only that the Mexican actress does not dance, but also that she did not invest enough resources to present a quality show to her followers, because she confirmed that Herrera wears dresses of a thousand pesos, a situation that did not fall. In favor of a Sinaloan woman who stands up for herself.

Lin May asserted that despite the fact that Lorena Herrera liked her very much, she spent very little money on the dresses she wore, which she estimated cost no more than a thousand pesos, and which she considered to look “ordinary”.

On the morning of Wednesday, March 1, Lorena appeared in the morning newspaper “Venga la Alegría” to defend herself against these criticisms and admitted that she did not need clothes so spectacular because her beauty did not require it.

“When you have such a right hanger, you don’t have to invest so much in production, and when you don’t have a hanger, you have to spend millions on brands,” he said.

She’s a very pretty woman who doesn’t require much grooming, Herrera insisted, and told Lynn she couldn’t comment on a topic when she didn’t really know what she was paying for.

“Thank God I don’t invest a lot, but what I wear looks good on me. Do you know how much my costumes cost? Do you pay them? Do you see my bill?” she said, visibly annoyed.

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In addition, the singer also made it clear that she is always aware of the details of her outfit at each of her shows: “I never repeat an outfit, I design, I’m a frustrated designer. Sometimes Lyn May says things to create a feeling, we all know it.