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Lila Pons, Qian’s niece, throws the bachelorette party and these challenges outlast her guests

Model and influencer Leila Pons In the coming months, she will be going down the aisle with Puerto Rican singer El Guaynaa which is why last night she threw her bachelor party with friends at a well known Miami venue. her cousin , Isadora Figueroa Chayanne’s daughter was one of the main organizers.

much Leila Pons how Isadora Figueroa They featured on the camera’s social network some videos and postcards of the fun evening that included an important list of guests such as Tini Stoessel, Stevie Roitman, Isabella Rotman, Nana Vivas, Lola Indigo, Diana Maox, Hannah Stocking, Anita Kimberly Louisa, among others.