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Look at the viral photo of Oliver Son holding a badge from Peru |  the answers

Look at the viral photo of Oliver Son holding a badge from Peru | the answers

For a few days now, Peru team Trains are considering the double date for the South American qualifiers heading to the 2026 World Cup. Footballers playing abroad arrive in the team focus and what has sparked the most interest from the press and fans is the arrival Oliver Son To our country because he recently obtained Peruvian citizenship.

Which photo of Oliver Sohn was going viral on social media?

Isabella Toland, the Silkeborg defender’s girlfriend, used her Instagram account to post a photo of herself with Son. The photo shows them both wearing formal clothes in front of a mirror. However, the details in the athlete’s clothing did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who noticed the Peruvian cocktail.

What did Oliver Son say about his invitation to the Peruvian national team?

Silkeborg’s Oliver Son will arrive in our country on Saturday, October 7, in order to join the Peruvian team’s action in Vidina. Therefore, there was great excitement about his reception by the national fans at the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

“I hope to meet a lot of joy and a lot of happy people who have hope and hope that I can contribute something to them (…) I think it will be very exciting, I think there will be a lot of energy.” On their part, I will feel completely exhausted.” He said in an interview with Viaplay.

Likewise, the 22-year-old full-back is hoping to make his official debut for the team BicolorIn this double date that is about to start, he will therefore work hard to impress Juan Reynoso in training and has the possibility of adding his first minutes in the team. “There is tremendous joy for the national team, and there will be a huge number of people in the stadium. It will be an experience that cannot be had at home.“, he pointed out.

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What was the international press’s reaction to Oliver Son’s invitation to the Peruvian team?

As we mentioned, Oliver Son went to our country’s embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, to register his birth certificate and begin the process of handing over his identity card and passport. Given this, many foreign media indicated the footballer’s intention to be part of the “two-colour”.

This average way Antenna 2 Columbia revealed this fact and they noted on their website that ““The direct competitor will receive a luxurious boost to the qualification process for the highest ‘King of Sports’ event.”.

The Chilean press also announced this news to its fans, as it is the next competitor for the Peruvian national team next October. The digital media “D13″ from the sports area of ​​”Channel 13” warned of the arrival of a Karlslund citizen bearing the mark of foreign establishment: “Oliver Son: The new “European reinforcement” that Peru wants to add to face La Roja in the qualifiers“.