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Literature is medicine for the soul

Literature is medicine for the soul

At the gates of the Bogotá Book Fair 2022, we as human beings can thank and honor literature, as the whole world has turned to this art during the most difficult moments of recent years, as a sacred medicine to heal and calm the soul.

Today we know that people’s soul longs for peace and solace. In this sense, literature is that quiet disguise to which the mind resorts in order to escape from so much rotten reality.

We are the creators of books, stories, novels, manuscripts and poetry, we are the photographers of the soul, because in literature we capture images of the feelings that lie in the heart, so that when we touch another soul, it can be moved – the feeling of caress or vibration of our own image.

Reading means healing, remembering, crying again, feeling, living again those we dedicate to the art of writing, healing through every line we create, with the goal of finding that reader who feels inside our skin.

Literature is medicine for the soul, because throughout his history man has been at the mercy of many events, some of which are full of joy and illusion and Others are full of pain and gloom, which is why books have always represented a way to liberate the soul.

If each of us becomes an author of his biography and writes it little by little throughout his life, this will be the best inheritance, the best inheritance that he can bestow on his children, grandchildren and new generations.

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We have sinned in thinking that the purpose of our lives is to provide sustenance to cover our own needs and the needs of our family, without stopping to think that the only truly eternal thing is the spiritual legacy and traditions that we will pass on to those who go on to write our history.

Money comes and goes, things are won and lost, because life is an endless set of losses, and for this reason only through art and literature has mankind been able to share its history.

Let us imagine that we are walking in a museum or a library and we stop in front of a work, we enter it to let our minds melt into its essence, this is life itself, your life and mine, a work of art, a sacred manuscript that embodies in history the experiences of a unique and unrepeatable existence.

So We are all poets and authors, if we stop thinking about our history and make it the most valuable storyFor by our fruits they know us.

If you started writing your resume today, where would you begin? What would you say? What is the most valuable thing in your story? What would you like your great-grandchildren or nephews to know and keep from you?

Think for a moment about what it meant the most to you in your favorite book and salvage this value to bring into your life and thus build your legacy, your book, and your story.

Life gives you a blank page every day and you are free to write it, what kind of author would you choose to be?

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Many remain paralyzed and find nothing new to write, others become mechanical typewriters without thinking or feeling, but instead there are authors who leave their souls on every page, every day they write and live it knowing that once that page is written and on that day, it will be Recording them in time with permanent, indelible ink makes every page and every day their best story.

There are souls who had to write their last page beforehand and finish their book with a fanfare, there are others who bravely decided to change their story and give it a happy ending, and there are others who are trapped in the grief and catastrophe of an unfortunate story.

What you should know today is that absolutely all books come with blank pages, God does not give anyone a book that has already been written, He gives us all a magic pen called Free Will, with which we are free to choose the story we choose. We want to say the most important thing we want to say to ourselves.

My calling today is that You dare be the author of your book, choose the title of that book that will tell your story, as Frankl did when he wrote Man’s Search for Meaning. What are you looking for?

Your book, your life, your story will be a source of inspiration for those who will continue to write a sequel to your book, so as not to interrupt your story, the best way to be immortal and to leave a mark on the world is through a book, because when we are not roaming in this world, our book will be able to stay on the shelf waiting to be enriched Other souls like yours, which were definitely nourished by the generosity of someone else who dared to say their most valuable experiences.

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Where would we be without William Shakespeare and Ernest Hemingway?

What would happen to your successors without the legacy of your history?

What would happen to children if their grandmother did not read them a story?

Make your autobiography a story that can embrace and accept another soul when you meet your most intimate tale Take that forgotten pen again and dare to write the story you want to live and leave it as the best legacy for those who follow in your footsteps on The Path of Life…

my soul pill

Every day you wake up, there is a book of blank pages waiting for you, so that you can write the most beautiful story someone has ever read, it would be a shame not to write anything or let others write and define you. Story, remember that you are the author of your book! Write it independently and excel, it’s the best way to leave your mark on the world!

And go to the book fair to feed your soul!!!